M E M E N T O  V I V E R E 


MEMENTO VIVERE – Live the moment

Inspired by life and art, MEMENTO VIVERE is the first artistic collaboration of Anouk Kramer and jewelry designer Bibi van der Velden. Their series “Necklace On A Grand Scale” incorporates both mediums, pottery pieces strung into glorious necklaces fit for the Queen of Giants. These loops represent the infinite cycle of life, where growth, change, and rebirth are inevitable and unending.

The sculpture links ceramic eggs, a swan, and flowers in a loop, suggesting a theme of reinvention throughout life. The eggs symbolize birth and rebirth, while the tulips, which are also featured in Bibi’s memento Mori collection and Anouk’s tulip vase collection, represent the blossoming of a new life. The swan symbolizes grace, beauty, and transformation. The sculpture serves as a reminder that life is both eternal and ephemeral.

Dimension Height 3 mtr.

Collaboration Anouk Kramer & Bibi van der Velden.

Exhibit Studio Bibi van der Velden, Amsterdam

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