M E M E N T O  V I V E R E 



The first project of the collab of Anouk Kramer & Bibi van der Velden. This dramatic sculpture resembles on a necklace of a grand scale, and is composed of ceramic eggs, a swan, and flowers, and carries with it the message of reinvention during life. The eggs symbolise birth and rebirth, while the tulips – wich are also a feature of Bibi’s memento Mori collection, and the tulip vase collection of Anouk – represent the blossoming of a new life. The swan, meanwhile, represents grace, beauty, and transformation. Remember that you must live.

Dimension High 3 mtr.

Collab Anouk Kramer & Bibi van der velden.

Exhibit Studio Bibi van der Velden, Amsterdam

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