ICE – climate change

With the ICE sculpture, Anouk wants to raise awareness for climate change. Since the early 1900s, many glaciers around the world have been rapidly melting. Melting glaciers add to rising sea levels, which in turn increase coastal erosion and elevate storm surges. This has consequences across the entire globe.

As global temperatures rise, ancient artifacts are emerging from the melting ice.

Anouk created this grand necklace sculpture, inspired by the awe-inspiring surroundings of Jackson Hole. The sculpture incorporates the beauty of the winter period, highlighting the pure elements that are unique to this time of year. For instance, the polar bear is a symbol of the beautiful animals that thrive in winter. Additionally, the marble used in the sculpture creates a shimmering effect, much like the glaciers. Also, the worn wood used in the sculpture is reminiscent of the wooden houses that are a common sight in this region, with antlers often featured as decorations. Lastly, the sculpture incorporates a fascinating historical touch, as some of the pieces are based on the ancient Yup’ik artifacts, found due to the melting of the permafrost and glaciers.

Dimension height 1 mtr.

Collaboration Anouk Kramer & Bibi van der Velden.

Exhibit Tayloe Piggott Gallery, Jackson Hole U.S.

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